Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaningful engagement requirement?

Meaningful engagement of faculty in a QI project is frequently misinterpreted.  Faculty do not need to be QI leaders in the project to earn MOC credit.  Rather, the QI leaders can engage all of their department or division faculty by sharing the critical components of the project and providing an opportunity for discussion. (Even those who are not actively providing care to patients targeted by the project).

How can QI leaders engage their faculty?

In order to award faculty with MOC4 credit, they would need to be engaged in the project prospectively for at least one PDSA/PDCA cycle of improvement.  An example is listed below.

  • Project Leader(s) presents the baseline data, goals, and planned interventions at a meeting (or another venue) and allows for questions /discussion among attendees (This can be a quick 5-10 min presentation/discussion) 
  • Leader(s) presents follow-up data after an intervention is implemented, with discussion of analysis and next steps/new interventions 
  • You can repeat several times to capture any faculty who missed previous meetings. 

Can residents and fellows earn MOC4 credit?

The American Board of Pediatrics an American Board of Family Medicine allow residents and fellows to earn MOC credit for their initial cycle of board certification.

What will I earn for participating in an approved MOC4 activity?

It's different for each specialty board.  Please visit this page for more details.